Slam Tracks Launched!

Official Site Launch!

Slam Tracks Site Screen Shot
Slam Tracks Site
The news has to start somewhere, right? We will continue to stock the shelves with more and more MIDI drum loop download packs – there really is a ton of stuff lying around the studio just waiting to be organized, tested, and released So, look for new MIDI drum loops to be added as instant download packs in the coming months added.

About Slam Tracks:

Slam Tracks offers premium MIDI drum loops in a wide variety of rock, hard rock, and metal styles available in widely-used formats: GM, Addictive Drums, BFD, BFD2, EZdrummer, Groove Agent, IMAP,  Session Drummer, Steven Slate Drums, Superior Drummer, Superior Drummer 2 and MIDI Groove Clip.

All Slam Tracks MIDI libraries are available for immediate download.