Manual EZdrummer Installation
Currently, Slam Tracks does not provide an automatic installation/installer. However, the process to import our MIDI drum loops into your existing EZdrummer MIDI collection is easy and only a few basic steps.

Installation Process:

After downloading and extracting your Slam Tracks MIDI Grooves Pack, move or copy the folder into the Slam Tracks\EZdrummer folder in the EZdrummer MIDI folder on your computer.

There are two basic ways to import our MIDI drum loops into your User MIDI folder: 1. Using the EZDrummer interface to import or 2. Directly importing through the computer file system.

1. Using the EZDrummer interface to import:

First, find the help (?) button to open your import options.

First, locate where you can add your SlamTracks MIDI drum files to your User Library.


Select the ‘User MIDI folder’ entry from the Help Menu to open the ‘MY MIDIFILES’ folder on your Desktop (or wherever you chose to download them).

First, locate where you need to import SlamTracks into your User MIDI folder.

Copy and place your SlamTracks MIDI drum files. You can also organize your grooves here and label them as you wish.

From the Grooves section, you will now find your SlamTracks MIDI drum loops ready to go under your "MY MIDIFILES" location.


If you receive a notification that you need to do this as an administrator, simply confirm and continue.

*Windows Users; If you are asked to allow permission as an administrator, simply confirm.


2. Direct Import through your computer’s file system:

For example, your EZdrummer MIDI folder is likely located here:  C:\Program Files\Toontrack\EZdrummer\Midi  (or, in Windows Vista, C:\Program Files(x86)\Toontrack\EZdrummer\Midi)

With this configuration,  you would place the copied Slam Tracks MIDI folder directly in C:\Program Files\ToonTrack\EZdrummer\MIDI

PLEASE NOTE: If EZdrummer is open and running during the installation process, you’ll likely need to close and restart it to see the new MIDI files.
If you have any EZDrummer installation issues or need any assistance, free feel to contact