Slam Tracks Releases Hard Rock Drum Grooves MIDI Pack 1

Hard Rock Drum Grooves MIDI Pack 1 is an aggressive and live collection of Hard Rock MIDI drum loops, all in one powerful downloadable collection. Included are 527 MIDI files divided between 10 different Hard Rock and Rock Grooves styles in different tempos and feels, all recorded live by seasoned, professional hard rock/metal drummer.

All grooves come with multiple variations, allowing users of all popular virtual drum instruments like BFD2®, EZdrummer®, Superior Drummer®, Addictive Drums®, Cakewalk® Session Drummer™ to create quickly and easily complete hard rock and rock drumtracks.  This library also includes multiple drum fills as part of the groove phrases – a dedicated collection of Hard Rock MIDI drum fills can be found in our Slam Tracks Hard Rock MIDI Drum Fills Pack 1.

Put these hard rock MIDI drums to work,  ready for immediate download and straight into your favorite drum sampler. Our extensive drum loop library will give you the power and feel your hard rock tracks deserve.