Metal MIDI Drum Loop Fill Pack 1 Released!

About the Slam Tracks Metal MIDI Drum Fill Pack 1

Slam Tracks Slam Tracks Metal MIDI Drum Fill Pack 1 is a brutal collection of over 800 MIDI drum loops for Metal. This pack was designed for metal artists looking for brutal, true to the genre metal drum fills that kick any metal project in gear and save countless programming hours.

Spanning the tempos between 120 bpm and 200 bpm, these straight and triplet-based fills are fast and powerful – pure and simple metal.

All fills and supplemental grooves were played by a professional studio drummer and are not quantized. Sick of sites claiming to offer metal and hard rock MIDI loops that don’t deliver? Slam Tracks will deliver.

You get immediate access to General MIDI (GM) drum loops with additional formats when released. Formats planned for updates include: Addictive Drums, Battery, BFD, BFD2, EZdrummer, Superior 2, Steven Slate Drums, IMAP/Ocean Way, Cakewalk Session Drummer, and more.

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Price: $29.95