What are our customers saying about Slam Tracks MIDI drum loops?

No one can say it better than our customers, who have actually put our MIDI drums to the test in the real world and in a variety of musical contexts. So, don’t take our word for it, listen to what our satisfied customers are saying about what our MIDI drum loops do for their songwriting!

April 2014

While emailed testimonials are always appreciated, nothing really does explain what SlamTracks can do for your music than the final music product. Here’s a nice one shared with us that uses the Metal 2 collection:


You can hear more tunes like “Shifted” at http://www.erosioncode.com/.


February 2014

We are way overdue to update the testimonials page, but one recent testimonial was shared with us that says it all. Go to the 1:50 mark to where Slam Tracks MIDI drums are mentioned (we don’t really want you to hear the other products that are mentioned as they’re not praised nearly as much).



Slam Tracks Customer Feedback

“Hello guys! I got the Metal Pack and Metal Fills Pack the other day. Overall guys, great stuff! I love my purchase!” – Vasilios Souvatzis

“Excellent products. Continued success!” – Henry R. Picco

Yeah, you guys have given me a really cool package for metal. Oh, I am definitely going to check-back! Looking forward to the new one from you guys! You’ve been really helpful. Really appreciate it!

Thanks Again!
Jumahat Leman

“Awesome, thanks for getting my order sorted out despite the technical issues… appreciate it. Will definitely be recommending you guys once I’ve had a chance to dig into your loops. Wish you the best… keep me posted about any new metal packs.”

– Mario

“My order went through perfectly and I must say they are AWESOME!!! Bought both fills and grooves. Thanx a lot!” – Rafael Romero

“Great stuff. I imported the files into Toontrack Superior and they worked perfectly.” Thanks, Steve


Slam Tracks Customer Feedback

I just purchased the Punk MIDI Drum Groove and Fill pack last night, and I need to tell you that I love the “attitude” these grooves have! The way the grooves are played made me want to play along with them!

I am a songwriter, and sometimes I need a little help getting the creative juices flowing. I popped these grooves into Toontrack’s EZ-Drummer, and right away I started hearing the song possibilities! Thanks!

I can’t wait to buy the Rock pack when it comes out- I’m sure it will be another great addition.

Todd Cumpston

“I think they sound really good. There are some groove patterns too in the pack. In the drum fills, the velocities are really good, real and natural feeling. This is metal!” –Eloy Garcia (Spain)

“Thank you very much! Your drums are great!” — Alessandro Mulas (Italy)

Thank you very much! The attached groove archive extracted all files without any problem. And thanks for two really great libraries. I already have them up and running together with Slate drums in my current song project 🙂

Best regards,
Fredrik Schultz

I purchased all three of your products and really liked them and I will certainly look forward to future offerings. The metal grooves and fills are constantly used in my music. The inclusions of half time feel grooves was a great addition. That is OFTEN an oversight in metal based groove packs.

I am hoping you future products stick with the aggressive styles of music (metal, hard rock, etc). I’d love to see some more complex grooves (i.e. a progressive metal/dream theatre type grooves set) or even slow aggressive grooves. Or even just another fill pack.

Thanks. Keep up the great work.

Brian Davis

March 2011

Slam Tracks Customer Feedback


This is in regards to the Feedback Request form that was included in the README folder within the Metal Midi Pack.

These are the absolute best Hardcore and Metal MIDI drum loops out today. I seriously love the pack that I bought the other day and am recommending these to all of my friends.

The ONLY thing I’d like to see more of (besides another set or two of these!) is more Tom fills/Intro flams/rolls. Kind of like Blood For Blood/Biohazard/Sepultura

I will purchase anything you put out and would like more asap. I write from my home now for my band PROVEN (myspace.com/provenmetal). These allow me to work quickly and not have to deal with not only finding a drummer, but hauling his drums to the spot, setting up, miking up and all of that.

Thanks for a kickass set of MIDI grooves and fills!

Randy Ross
Arrangement (RandyA/Proven)
Artist Endorsement Coordinator – AcmeBarGig


Slam Tracks Customer Feedback

Hello Guys,

A few hours ago I received your Metal Pack. I use it in EZ Drummer with the Metalheads Add-On. What can I say???

This is the best MIDI Drum Pack I’ve ever used. It’s Hard,it’s Heavy and this Pack is GROOVY!!!

And the price? I can’t believe it…

I hope there is more to come for Metal Maniacs like me.


Ullrich Hoffmann
Schmallenberg Germany

I’m really liking what I hear so far. These sound much more like what you expect from a “punk” performance compared to other similarly described packages.

James Roberts


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