Metal MIDI Drum Loops Groove Pack 1

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Metal MIDI Drum Loops Groove Pack 1

Over 750 metal grooves that will truly deliver the metal. You need straight-out power, speed, and brutality, not the wimpy "Here's a rock loop we sped up" type grooves other companies try to pass off as metal. Double kicks on speed, double-times, half-times, syncopated or straight, the beast has been unleashed. Styles range from classic trash to contemporary metal, influenced by a top-shelf list of metal drummers, Lombardo, Hoglan, Travis. So, get ready for true metal. This is what we play - this is what you want. Hundreds of grooves that cover the metal genre with natural feel and aggression - accept no substitutes.

Metal MIDI Drum Loops Groove Pack 1 Addition Information

Example Loops - All audio examples were created using Toontracks' Superior Drummer 2 in the default mix setting.

About the Grooves:

All MIDI drum loops are organized in the following folders:

60 BPM Metal Grooves
90 BPM 12-8 Grooves
90 BPM Metal and Hard Rock Grooves
100 BPM Metal and Hard Rock Grooves
120 BPM Metal Grooves
150 BPM Metal Grooves
160 BPM Metal Grooves
165 BPM Metal Triplet Feel Grooves
180 BPM Metal Grooves
180 BPM Metal Triplet Feel Grooves
200 BPM Metal Grooves

A number of grooves include fills. These will provide some "starter" fills. A full collection of metal MIDI drum fills are available in the Metal MIDI Drum Fills Pack 1 Collection.

This library is 95% grooves and is intended as a MIDI drum fill library. Available currently as GM format - other formats will be included in future updates.

Metal MIDI Drum Loops Groove Pack 1 is a powerful collection of over 750 MIDI drum loop fills for modern and classic metal. Created for song writers looking for an easy-to-use collection of rock grooves that will truly inspire. Go totally brutal or bring in the sludge - it's all here, straight-out power to the truly earth shattering. The ultimate inspiration to metal guitarists.

Capture the essence of professional studio drummers in the drum VI of your choice - powerful drum loops with multiple fill and fill variations per groove folder.

Metal MIDI Drum Groove and Fill Pack 1 includes these formats: GM. Compatible with Addictive Drums, BFD, BFD2, EZdrummer, Superior 2, Steven Slate Drums, and Cakewalk Session Drummer formats. Specific formats will be offered in future updates.!

1. Download 2. Import 3. Go Brutal

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