Metal MIDI Drum Fill Pack 1

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Metal MIDI Drum Fill Pack 1

Over 650 metal fills that have the power, speed, and brutality you crave. Styles range from classic to contemporary metal ready for true metal. Don't settle for less - get true metal. Hundreds of fills and breaks that cover the metal genre with natural feel and aggression.

Slam Tracks Metal MIDI Drum Fill Pack 1

About the Fills:

Fills are organized in the following folders:

120 BPM Metal Triplet Fills
140 BPM Metal Fills
160 BPM Metal Fills
165 BPM Metal Triplet Fills
180 BPM Metal Fills
200 BPM Metal Fills

A number of metal drum loops (beats and beat variations) are also included. These will provide some "starter" loops. A full collection of metal MIDI drum loops are available in the Metal MIDI Drum Grooves 1 Collection.

This library is 95% fills and is intended as a MIDI drum fill library. Available currently as GM format - other formats will be included in future updates.

Metal MIDI Drum Fill Pack 1 is a powerful collection of over 650 MIDI drum loop fills for modern and classic metal. Created for song writers looking for an easy-to-use collection of rock grooves that will truly inspire. Go totally brutal or bring in the sludge - it's all here. to the truly earth shattering. The ultimate inspiration to metal guitarists.

Capture the essence of professional studio drummers in the drum VI of your choice - powerful drum loops with multiple fill and fill variations per groove folder.

Metal MIDI Drum Groove and Fill Pack 1 includes these formats: GM. Addictive Drums, BFD, BFD2, EZdrummer, Superior 2, Steven Slate Drums, and Cakewalk Session Drummer formats will be offered in future updates.!

1. Download 2. Import 3. Go Brutal

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