What is Slam Tracks?

Slam Tracks creates and produces MIDI drum loops for rock, hard rock, and metal styles that are easily imported for use in a variety of host software and hardware setups.

Available in many widely-used MIDI formats, all Slam Tracks drum MIDI libraries are available for instant download after purchase.

When you're inspired, use Slam Tracks!

Why Slam Tracks?

Slam Tracks works exclusively with heavier musical genres. We deliver live, powerful drum tracks to hard rock and heavy metal musicians looking for brutal heaviness true to the genre.

We don't do funk. We don't do pop. We won't ever do country. We do metal and rock - you will know and hear the difference.

These aren't the weak drum loops sped up you find by other MIDI sellers - these MIDI drum loops are about speed, power, and aggression. All played live by pro drummers well-known in the industry. Get the real deal in MIDI grooves for metal, rock, hard rock, and punk.

Always Heavy. Always Ready.

Slam Tracks offers musicians an easy and affordable way to download premium MIDI drum loops and tracks. Let Slam Tracks MIDI Drum Loop Packs inspire your music with live, human grooves that deliver the feel and sensibility of professional drummer without the hassle of programming.

Tasty, authentic grooves, value and inspiration - Slam Tracks MIDI Drum delivers fast access to thousands of new and inspiring grooves.